Connecting knowledge and people across governments, First Nations, and marine sectors to build capacity for co-management and improve socio-ecological health in Howe Sound/Atl’kitsem.

News and views about threatened Northern Resident Killer Whales ID'd for first time in Howe Sound, and the immortal glass sponge reefs at Halkett Point.

The future of Howe Sound is in the good hands of the recently elected for the next four years.  

Fall 2018 Newsletter

October 24, 2018

In this issue: Update - Biosphere Region Initiative for UNESCO designation; Protecting Howe Sound Glass Sponge Reefs; Burnco Mine - the next step; Spring 2018 Howe Sound Community Forum Review

The Sunshine Coast Regional District unanimously voted against Burnco's request for rezoning McNab Valley.

The Howe Sound Biosphere Region Initiative Society is co-hosting a forum on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how they relate to Howe Sound

Help make the wish for protecting Howe Sound Glass Sponge Reefs a reality.

The Burnco Aggregate Mine in McNab Valley receives approval from Fisheries and Oceans but Burnco has one more hurdle.

On Friday May 4, 2018 77 people arrived at Furry Creek Golf and Country Club for the Howe Sound Community Forum hosted by the Squamish Lillooet Regional District.

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