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Winter 2018 Newsletter

March 10, 2019
    • Volunteering time to Howe Sound
    • Latest views on the Woodfibre LNG project
    • Update – Biosphere Region Initiative for a UNESCO designation.
    • Action on caring for shorelines

Action on caring for shorelines

Recent winter storms combined with king tides wreaked havoc in Howe Sound reminding us of the consequences of a changing climate and the need to prepare and mitigate future damage.  Strong waves eroded shorelines and the winds gusting up to 111 km/hr sent propane tanks, old docks, kayaks and other vulnerable boats adrift.  Leaky old boats sank and fuel and other toxic substances were released into the water.

Generous volunteers such as John Buchanan in Squamish document and raise awareness of the damages, then helping to mitigate greater losses.  Federal services monitor and manage the environmental damage, but as sea level rise continues, everyone who has the fortune of living on or near the water needs to take action finding ways to prevent further damage and future losses.

The 2016 edition of the Ocean Watch Report – Howe Sound Edition  chapter on Shorelines and Sea Level Rise has several recommended actions and ways …

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Volunteering time to Howe Sound

There are many ways you and family can contribute to keeping Howe Sound healthy.  Here are some current opportunities.

Do you…

Love hiking on Gambier Island, are self motivated, a good team leader and are organized?  The Gambier Island Conservancy is seeking a Volunteer Trails Maintenance Coordinator.  This role works with the Conservancy on trail maintenance planning and coordinators community volunteers.  Contact for more information.

Community work party preparing for eelgrass transplanting Gambier IslandEnjoy cleaning up and going to the beach?  Tidelines and beaches always need a good clean up.  Initiate a Shoreline Cleanup or head to the beach …

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Update – Biosphere Region Initiative for a UNESCO designation

The Howe Sound Biosphere Region Initiative (HSBRI) team is working on compiling the information needed to complete the nomination package for submission to UNESCO targeted for the spring of 2019.  The nomination document will be the first comprehensive report on the Howe Sound region that includes both land and marine environment, the human uses and biodiversity.  This is an important piece for planning a future where biodiversity is protected and humanity thrives.

A fundraising campaign is ongoing to cover costs for completing a successful nomination package, a Howe Sound Biosphere Fund is now established with the West Vancouver Foundation.  Tax deductible donations …

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Latest views on the Woodfibre LNG project

At the end of December 2018 the future impacts of the Woodfibre LNG project near Squamish are still a concern to many who live in the region.

The Squamish Chief newspaper provides updates and information such as a fact finding tour …

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