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July 2016 Newsletter

July 30, 2016
  • Saving Howe Sound’s Estuary at McNab
  • Woodfibre LNG Update
  • District of West Van to Host Fall Howe Sound Community Forum
  • Spring 2016 Howe Sound Community Forum at Camp Fircom
  • Proposed Burnco Gravel Mine Update

Exploring UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Status

The Future of Howe Sound Society has been engaging with people across all  sectors and boundaries in a dialogue about the need for a comprehensive plan for Howe Sound.   Over the years we have heard many suggestions for ways we can protect Howe Sound.  People from all walks of life and various parts of the world share an appreciation for the beauty and wildness of the Howe Sound region so close to our growing cities.

While higher levels of government will not lead on planning, many pieces of what make up a regional plan are moving forward.  There is progress on protecting the environment alongside economic growth.  More and more people discover and enjoy the social and recreational value of Howe Sound and the Squamish Nation members are connecting more with this part of their territory as their ancestors have done in the past.

We hear many calls for action to ensure protection for what people value about Howe Sound …

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Woodfibre LNG Update

In early July 2015  a flotilla of boats cruised Howe Sound to protest the Woodfibre LNG project.   Over the past year thousands of people participated in the environmental assessment process and many protests.  The project remains objectionable to many people and the local communities around the sound.  Recently a letter signed by Mayors of West Vancouver, Bowen Island, Lions Bay, the Islands Trust Chair was sent to the Prime Minister asking for permits to be withheld and to stop this LNG project in Howe Sound.

The final investment decision by the owners of the proposed Woodfibre LNG project is still pending. With …

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Proposed Burnco Gravel Mine Update

On July 18th, 2016, the BC Environmental Assessment Agency informed Burnco Rock Products that “EAO has concluded that the Application adequately reflects the requirements in the AIR and has decided to formally accept the Application for detailed review, once the Application has been resubmitted to the EAO with minor revisions, in accordance with feedback received during the screening evaluation period.”  The January 2016 Public Consultation and Communications Plan produced by Burnco outlines the expectations of the upcoming 45 day public comment period, expected to commence mid-August.   Open Houses will take place on the Sunshine Coast and West Vancouver mid-September, …

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Spring 2016 Howe Sound Community Forum at Camp Fircom

On April 29, 2016, 80 elected officials, First Nations, government staff and NGO representatives travelled by water taxis departing from Horseshoe Bay, Bowen Island, Lions Bay and Langdale for a day at Camp Fircom on Gambier Island.

Camp Fircom was an excellent venue for the forum hosted by the Gambier Island Local Trust Area and lived up to its reputation of being a “first class and down to earth Howe Sound camp venue”.  Jeff Willis, Camp Director gave an inspiring presentation about the camp’s good work and partnerships.   Camp Fircom hosts Camp Suzuki that empowers children and young adults to champion conservation as well as becoming a popular …

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Saving Howe Sound’s Estuary at McNab

Squamish Estuary Howe Sound is one of the most southern fjords in Canada.  It contains a number of estuaries that are important natural places as they provide goods and services that are economically and ecologically indispensable. Often called nurseries of the sea (USEPA, 1993), estuaries provide vital nesting and feeding habitats for many aquatic plants and animals. Estuaries also help to maintain healthy ocean environments. They filter out sediments and pollutants from rivers and streams before they flow into the oceans, providing cleaner waters for marine life.

In 2015, the David Suzuki Foundation produced a baseline and coarse-scale study “Sound …

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District of West Van to Host Fall Howe Sound Community Forum

The Fall meeting of the Howe Sound Community Forum members will take place on October 14th at the Gleneagles Community Center from 9:30-3:00.

The meeting follows the April 29th, 2016 meeting hosted by the Gambier Island Local Trust at Camp Fircom.   The Gleneagles Community Centre venue is within the Howe Sound …

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