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Fall 2018 Newsletter #2

November 2, 2018
  • Howe Sound/Atl’kitsem Marine Reference Guide
  • Views of Howe Sound Marine Life
  • 2018 Municipal election results
  • Burnco rezoning request denied by Regional District
  • Observe and report phone numbers to call

Burnco rezoning request denied by Regional District

Burnco’s proposal to remove 25 million tonnes of gravel from the McNab Valley was based on processing the raw material on site prior to shipping.  Alternatives were considered during the Environmental Assessment process (2-50,51 July 2016 EIS) and processing offsite was stated as “Unacceptable, high transportation costs could threaten the viability of the Proposed Project”.

The Sunshine Coast Regional District was not convinced with the results of the Environmental Assessment Process and Ian Winn, Area Director for West Howe Sound that includes the McNab Valley summed up his position at the October 11th Planning and Development Committee meeting.  The motion to abandon first reading of a rezoning bylaw that would have permitted processing was unanimously supported by the board.

The Coast Reporter’s interview with Burnco’s official says the company is still committed to the project, however no new information was provided.   As alternatives to processing were not considered, the impacts of shipping …

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Howe Sound/Atl’kitsem Marine Reference Guide

An exciting project is underway.  For the first time a comprehensive multi-layered informative map and guide is being developed with the financial support of local governments from around Howe Sound.    The Howe Sound/Atl’kitsem Marine Reference Guide is recognized as a valuable tool by members of the Howe Sound Community Forum in 2017 following the release of the OceanWatch Report – Howe Sound Edition.

Fiona Beaty presents on Howe Sound Research & ConservationOver the past year, the Ocean Watch Task Force helped move the project forward and a project steering committee was formed. Fiona Beaty is the project …

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Views of Howe Sound Marine Life

Bowen Island’s Bob Turner video filmed in February of the Orcas in Howe Sound has led to a surprise identification of  the threatened Northern Resident Killer Whales in our Howe Sound waters.  This is the first time they have been positively ID’d in Howe Sound according to Jessica Torode Coordinator at the BC Cetaceans’ Network, Vancouver Aquarium.

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2018 Municipal election results

The future of Howe Sound is in the good hands of the recently elected for the next four years.

The Howe Sound Community Forums take place twice a year and are opportunities for leaders to come together with First Nations members to share information in the spirit of cooperation.  While not …

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Observe & report phone numbers to call

Help protect Howe Sound – here are all the numbers to call and report when you observe activity in the marine environment such as: Mammals in distress, boats to near, debris, spills, abandoned vessels and more.

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