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August 2014 Newsletter

September 2, 2014
  • News from BURNCO on Gravel Mine Proposal
  • Supertankers Not Envisioned by Howe Sound Communities
  • Upping the Noise to Save the Peace
  • Feedback to Ministry of Forests on Woodlots

News from BURNCO on Gravel Mine Proposal

BURNCO Rock Products posted on August 5, 2014 a revised project description.  This is the first communication since the public comment period ended October 19th, 2013.  475 comments to the draft application were posted to the BC Environmental Assessment Office website, and responses to these comments from BURNCO, will eventually be posted on the BCEAO website.

The letter provides a preview of the issues it will seek to mitigate and provides some details on the revisions to the processing area, dock and barging area now they have detailed engineered designs.  The size of the processing area appears to be 60% larger and the barge load out jetty is 125 metres closer to the residential area at McNab.  The maximum production rate has been reduced by half a million tonnes per annum and the life set at 16 years, but no guarantees an extension won’t be applied for in the future.

What remains …

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Supertankers Not Envisioned by Howe Sound Communities

Premier Clark announced from China last fall that Woodfibre LNG at Squamish could be the first west coast facility to liquefy natural gas (LNG) and export to Asia.  This was news, and still is to many who live along the route of the supertankers that will be carrying this highly hazardous cargo.*

It is possible members of government promoting this location are not familiar with the geography and demographics of Howe Sound as was the case with Minister Raitt, the Federal Minister of Transportation.  In a meeting July 23rd with local government representatives from around Howe Sound, hosted by MP John Weston in West …

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Feedback to Ministry of Forests on Woodlots

In response to the public’s call for consultation prior to the next step in the Competitive Woodlot Disposition Process by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, one meeting was held on July 24th followed by an open house on the 25th.

The meeting on Thursday evening, July 24th at the St. Francis in the Woods Church in West Vancouver was very well attended, with people spilling into the hallway.  There were ten Ministry staff in attendance, introduced by Heather MacNight, Regional Executive Director, South Coast, FLNR.   From 7:00 to 10:00 p.m., the dialogue was very animated.  The Ministry’s …

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Upping the Noise to Save the Peace

It was another beautiful day in Howe Sound July 27th behind Gambier Island in Thornborough Channel for the Future of Howe Sound Society’s S.O.S. event.  On short notice up to 70 water craft and about 400 people converged to hear “The Brothers” band perform from a stage that would be envied …

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