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One of the great updates to our YouTube channel, this fantastic piece by one of the 15 year old residents of Howe Sound.    Great piece from HoweSound45 Productions (Chris Dietrich) Our youth are influenced and their perception of the world are shaped by our actions. Here’s 45 adventures all in one destination, and why it needs to make the transition from industrial home to recreational playground.

Thanks Chris.



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  1. Peric Family from Toronto (frequent summer vacationers to the Howe Sound) says:

    Entertaining, and well-thought out video! An excellent way to get the message out there that the Howe Sound needs to be preserved and protected! Enjoyed every second of it!

    Thanks Chris for investing all your time into creating something so special to help a great cause. Great job!

  2. Isobel M Chester says:

    Fabulous video , could not think of a better way to send out a message to protect our amazing Howe Sound, from contamination by business industries.

  3. Dr. Wayne and Mrs. Wayne Halstrom says:

    Rare beauty such as Howe Sound, the southern most fjord in B.C., must be preserved!

  4. Evelyne says:

    Hello Chris and everybody, great piece, enjoyed every second so much, keep up the good work to save the Sound, an absolute magical place on this planet, lots of best wishes, The Steijns from Holland.

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