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Bowyer Island lies on the east side of Howe Sound roughly 5 km north of Horseshoe Bay.


Bowyer Island was named after Rear-Admiral George Bowyer by Capt. George Henry Richards of the HMS Plumper during his BC coastal survey mission of 1857-1861.
Herbert Bingham purchased the island in 1926 and made the south end into an estate with gardens, farm animals and a large house. His wife Annie called it her “Treasure Island.” Bingham’s descendants still own the southern section of the island and numerous other part-time residents own the rest.


This privately owned island is accessible from local marinas by private boat or water taxi.


Bowyer Island is a popular local dive site with maximum diving depths of about 36 m and average visibility of 10-20 meters. There are several dive sites around the island including “The Canyons” or “The Pinnacle” where an abundance of marine life can be encountered.

Please note that the waters surrounding Bowyer Island inside the 200 metre contour line are designated as a Rockfish Conservation Area where fishing is not allowed.


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