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Population 3,482 (2011 Census)

Location: The southernmost area in the SCRD, Elphinstone is a small area with a growing population surrounding the north, west and south of Gibsons.

Business & Recreation: Elphinstone is home to an agricultural plateau where early farm settlements are still operational. Elphinstone also includes large tracts of undeveloped land, small businesses and residential areas.

There are several public beaches, parks, greenways, major creek corridors and ravines running throughout the area, which are linked together with walking and bicycle trails. The Ocean Beach Esplanade is a waterfront area that serves as a recreation focal point for the entire community.

West Howe Sound

Location and Population: The West Howe Sound area includes Langdale, Port Mellon, Williamson’s Landing, Granthams Landing, Soames, Hopkins Landing, and Gambier and Keats Islands. Although this is the most lightly populated area in the SCRD with a population of 2,015 (2011 census), it has the highest growth rate in the Regional District and covers a large geographic area.

The communities of West Howe Sound stretch along the lower roadway (Marine Drive) from Gibsons, to the ferry terminal, past the ferry terminal towards Port Mellon, and up the ferry bypass route into Upper Gibsons and Elphinstone. Ferry service to Gambier Island and Keats Island is available at the Langdale ferry terminal.

Business and Recreation: There are more summer camps in this area than any other area in BC due to its proximity to Vancouver (40 minute ferry ride); much of the recent growth in the area is due to commuters working in Vancouver, and recent retirees.

Soames Hill is a popular hiking area, and the top of the Langdale bypass is home to a mountain biking park.

(reproduced with permission from the SCRD)



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