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Location: The McNab Creek Valley is located on the west side of Howe Sound between Gibsons and Squamish. It is directly across from the north end of Gambier Island and faces directly onto Thornborough Channel.

Geography: McNab Creek Valley is a forested, glacial valley with a salmon bearing creek running through it. The white sand beach at the end of the valley is rare in Howe Sound and is popular among boaters, fisherman and their families.

Community: McNab Creek is home to around 30 recreational properties that are located on and close to the ocean to the east of the creek.

Recreation: The recreational opportunities in the area are varied and include water based activities such as kayaking ,canoeing, boating and long boarding as well as camping, fishing, crabbing, shrimping, hiking, mountain biking and wildlife watching. Wildlife commonly seen in the area include bears, deer, eagles, heron, river otters and an increasing number of sightings of marine mammals including pacific white sided dolphins and orcas.



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