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imagesHowe Sound is one of the world’s most majestic outdoor playgrounds. An hour from Vancouver, orcas and dolphins arc alongside kayakers and commercial fishermen. Marine scientists study the unique underwater world. The Sea-to-Sky Highway `s breathtaking views are enjoyed by visitors from around the world.

Our goal is to facilitate these discussions and one of the most successful means of doing so is via the Howe Sound Community Forums.

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The Issue

The efforts of the Future of Howe Sound Society are directed towards bringing together all parties involved in Howe Sound to create a comprehensive plan for its development now and in the future.   Howe Sound is the junction between three regional districts and as such often faces challenges with respect to the jurisdiction and planning of land use that may cross various boundaries.

The cumulative effects will compound to have a negative impact on the area, unchecked industrial development led to the environmental issues in Howe Sound in the first place.  Its time for a plan we can all live with.

How you can help

Be informed, participate in the process and write to elected officials. Help us save Howe Sound for future generations, lets work together to create a plan we can all live with, a plan that draws tourists and renewable industries into a rich, viable, sustainable region.

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