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November 20, 2018


seatosky1In 1996 the Howe Sound Round Table on environment, economic & social sustainability produced a report entitled Howe Sound 2020  The report was a call to action and the result of two years of public forums and community consultations.  Over and over the Round Table heard there was a need to establish a Watershed-wide perspective for Howe Sound and a need to coordinate activities both at the government level and the community level.

In 2000, leaders of communities around Howe Sound realized the need for regular meetings in order to share information about the Howe Sound community. Recognizing with 9 local governments, 3 Regional Districts, 2 Provincial districts and the Federal Government govern on unceded Squamish Nation Territory, the representatives came together and developed the HSCF Principles for Cooperation 2002.

From 2002 to 2013 Councils have turned over and Howe Sound has been in an environmental recovery with the closure and upgrades of major industrial operations, but the threat of a new aggregate mine in Howe Sound brought the communities together again and the Principles of Cooperation 2013 were updated and renewed by the current representatives.

In April 2013  our Society brought together stakeholders and First Nations to discuss our common values for Howe Sound and what is important for planning going forward. This was the start of many subsequent forums that are moving the planning goal forward.    Since that time the Society has been involved in working with many other groups and communities to host an ongoing series of forums for advancing understanding and dialogue.

At the forums over time task forces have been struck to work on specific issues concerning all members of the forum.  Currently the Ocean Watch Task Force was established to address where local governments can further actions resulting from the 2017 Ocean Watch – Howe Sound Edition report.  

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