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Photo by Adam Taylor

Photo by Adam Taylor

A glimpse into the future of the marine life growing in Howe Sound is made easier and more accessible thanks to the success of Aquatica Submarines.

The Artificial Reef Society, the Vancouver Aquarium, Discovery Channel, Marine Life Sanctuaries Society and  have been teaming up to bring life below the surface of Howe Sound to us via video and photos.

In 2015, The Artificial Reef Society finally sunk the destroyer Annapolis in Halkett Bay off Gambier Island.  So far the objectives of revival of marine life seems are happening quickly.  “In only five dives we’ve recorded 29 species on the ship and are building abundance scores. In May we saw anemones, barnacles, gobies and shiner perch. By July there were hydroids, tubeworms and encrusting bryozoans. September brought diatoms, new hydroids, spot prawns, coonstripe shrimp, purple and mottled stars, rockfish, pollock, greenlings and sculpins. In November we saw red algae, spiral bryozoans, stout shrimp and pygmy rock crabs.” The Vancouver Aquarium is asking for divers to submit their photos to help their research on this ship.

On March 10th, members of the Marine Life Sanctuaries Society were able to visit the glass sponge reefs off Lions Bay.  Diving to 250 feet, the submersible makes it possible for three people at a time to achieve these depths.  The Vancouver Aquarium’s Howe Sound Research Team was able to record the marine life in this important habitat.  Ultimately this new access that helps with research and education of the public will result in further protections that will aid the recovery of marine life in Howe Sound.

View – Aquatica joins Marine Life Sanctuary Societies BC (MLSSBC) at the Kelvin Grove Glass Sponge Reef in Howe Sound near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


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