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Over the last couple years we've started to really see a significant increase in the number of vessels, large and small abandoned to Howe Sound.   It seems that these ships are somehow not under any single jurisdiction.

Another recent sinking in Howe Sound is a reminder of the passing off of responsibility by owners of these boats.

Howe Sound Garbage Can

November 16, 2014

Howe Sound is being used as a "garbage can" says Suzuki. Our oceans deserve respect and Howe Sound in particular, but often it is regarded as a convenient...

Transport Canada asking for Help by March 5th

Sunken Craft Retrieved from Howe Sound

The conclusions are disappointing as no solution is in sight but a recommendation to form yet more committees.

A retired transporter, converter and salvager of vessels says changes are needed to the way BC Ferries disposes of old vessels and the company needs to ensure buyers have the financial and planning abilities to properly dispose of them.

A great success story for BC and Howe Sound with a big thanks to our friends at CTV news. In this followup story to the previous two already done by CTV news and echoed here Peter Grainger explains how the actions of the past few months have led Federal investigators to start digging into the way old ships are disposed of along the BC shoreline.

The Queen of Saanich arrived at Anvil Island in December, and Scott Henshaw of the Future of Howe Sound Society says he was shocked and saddened the first time he saw it. The ship is held in place by two-inch-thick ropes, which Henshaw believes are corroding in the salt water and aren’t strong enough to hold a vessel of this size.

A decommissioned ferry in B.C. has become party central, and area residents are growing concerned. CTV's Peter Grainger reports.

The video shows the former decommissioned ferry, Queen of Saanich, along with a second hull anchored out of the public eye behind Anvil Island in Howe Sound. As of May 25’th, 2012 these vessels are still tied to Anvil’s rocky shoreline with chaffed lines and going aground with every changing tide. It is only a matter of time until the hull(s) will potentially sink and/or release an environmental disaster into […]

Its come to the attention of the society that there is a certain ex-ferry roped to the shores of the west side of anvil island. Either lost in a very large scale game of tag or attempting to drag Anvil island into deeper water. We think they are losing in either case.

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