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Winter Storm Clean Up

March 10, 2019

This winter Mother of Wind, Squamish, was punishing.  From Squamish to West Vancouver, Gibsons and Islands in between vulnerable structures, boats, floats, and huge docks were damaged.  Shorelines eroded causing fuel spills and nasty debris to be washed up onto beaches and rocks around Howe Sound. Preparing for increasing intensity in the future is important, in the meantime there is much clean up to be done to prevent further harm to wildlife and the marine environment.

Clean up at the marinas and beaches has been underway but there are many hard to get to places where Styrofoam and other debris has landed. A group of local stewards is organizing what will likely become an annual Howe Sound wide clean up. Shorelines around Howe Sound are being surveyed and a coordinated effort to remove debris such as boat parts, structures, large blocks of polystyrene and the many small pieces is being planned on March 15th. Announcements about the clean up will follow.

Howe Sound wide best practices for preventing future problems are being developed for dock and wharf replacement.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the planning and/or clean up please contact Ruth at 778 834-4292.

Squamish Chief news report – Many Hands make light work.


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