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Gambier Island – Tim Turner Photo

The time is now!

It has been heard many times from people who appreciate the beauty of Howe Sound, “anywhere else in the world, Howe Sound would be a National Park”.

Now we have a real opportunity to move this vision forward thanks to the David Suzuki Foundation who set the initiative for a National Park on Gambier Island as a strategic goal.

Their proposal is to create a new near-urban national park in Howe Sound, based on the land and the surrounding waters of Gambier Island. Work has been underway for more than three years.

The first step Parks Canada takes when considering a new park is to launch a feasibility study, which includes public engagement. Before this step, it’s important to demonstrate that key partners want to join the conversation.

So far, property owners on Gambier Island that attended the two information sessions are supportive of a feasibility study being conducted, now we are all being asked if we support this too.  Read more here for progress to-date, and sign the petition to add your support.

Gambier Island – Tim Turner photo

Gambier Lake silhouette – Tim Turner Photo


2 Responses so far.

  1. Patrick MacDonald / Gayleen Wren says:

    Being owners of land on Gambier island and having hiked from Long Bay to New Brighton over two days via Lost lake and Gambier Lake we would have interest in protecting the wilds of the island with a National Park Designation. As referenced in the above comment at the moment “it is an extremely compelling proposal”. In order to eliminate the possibility of additional clearcuts discovered on the hike the area deserves protection from further industrial activity.

    The return of the herring balls / killer whales and pods of dolphins absent for many years are another driver for consideration as a National Park.

  2. Diane Phillips says:

    Howe Sound and adjacent Crown lands should absolutely become a National Park! It is natural wonder and with the amount of people living in the Lower Mainland is a very important, strategic site for providing connections to nature and motivation to live sustainably. It is a great site for education programs and public engagement. Additionally, it is ideally situated for tourists to experience a pristine Canadian Landscape, thus raising the educational capacity range from the local through to international. Please give this the most serious consideration – it is an extremely compelling proposal.

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