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July 8th at 7:00 p.m.
 West Vancouver Public Library, 
The Future of Howe Sound Society
& My Sea to Sky with
Eoin Finn B.Sc, Ph.D., MBA & Auli Parviainen
Premier Clark intends for Woodfibre Liquid Natural Gas near Squamish to be the first
LNG processing and export facility on the coast with a 2017 operational target date.
What does this mean for Howe Sound and how will this impact citizens of West Vancouver?
This project is currently in a very limited public comment period, now is the time to learn more.
1,000 foot long LNG Supertankers carrying Class A Hazardous cargo will cross BC Ferry lanes as they travel through Howe Sound.
Knowledgeable panelists will inform, answer questions and share information regarding expansion of the Fortis pipeline, processing facility and shipping through Howe Sound to Asia.   Please attend to learn more about this important project
Dr. Eoin Finn is a retired KMPG partner, PHD in physical chemistry and MBA international business.  30 year part time resident of Bowyer Island in Howe Sound.
Auli Parviainen is a resident of Squamish since 2009, Auli currently delivers innovative strategic business consulting services to a diverse client portfolio with a focus on sustainable business practices, integrated strategic planning, communication and resilient long-term financial success. Passionate about fostering a new, collaborative sharing economy Auli is currently the Chair of Inside Edge Knowledge-based Industry Association and the Treasurer of the Squamish Chamber of Commerce.





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  1. S Rowntree says:

    Please forward the following to Elspeth and Ray, who may not know me
    but they can talk to Paul Burlingette. Thank you

    Paul just sent me the information for the upcoming meeting at WVan
    library regarding the lastest LNG proposal in Howe Sound.

    Paul Burlingette, Hugh Hamilton and I founded West Van Streamkeepers
    Paul sent me a note about the upcoming meeting at West Van library regarding
    LNG proposal at the old pulp mill near Squamish

    Around 2001, while I still lived in Gleneagles, I helped Gibsons’ and Squamish
    residents stop the world’s largest LNG storage plant at McNab Creek. I was a
    physicist and spent the last half of my professional career with Environment Canada
    in hydrology and water quality before I met Paul and helped with West Van Streamkeepers.
    I live in Victoria now for family reasons but Paul and I keep in touch.

    Below are results of me googling “LNG supertanker” and explosion

    Please read the first 3 documents to understand what will happen if one
    of these supertankers explodes near Squamish or if there is a massive
    explosion at the pulp mill site if the LNG is stored in a tank farm there.
    The effect could be amplified by the surrounding mountains. Don’t
    forget the Halifax explosion and its’ massive devastation.

    The 3 papers give the equivalent tons of TNT and Hiroshimas carried
    for a specific tanker size. The 3rd paper suggests the size of the areas
    that could be impacted.

    I hope this is of help to save all your past environmental stewardship efforts.

    You can use the info in the first 3 documents below to ask the guest lecturer
    Susan Rowntree

    google “lng supertanker” and explosion

    About 325 results (0.23 seconds)
    Search Results
    1. [PDF]
    Liquefied Natural Gas – Southern California Federation of …
    Moss Spherical LNG Supertanker Ship. Zoom in on the picture to see the full detail … like corks, buildings exploded like giant firecrackers, sheets of flame rushed …

    This second document is a long set of slides and the LNG slides are about in the middle of it
    You just have to scrolling down thru the screens until you find the info.

    2. [PPT]
    La Hague reprocessing plants. LNG supertanker explosion at La Hague. At least partial destruction of La Hague plants. What are and How Easily can Targets be …

    3. New Scientist – 10 Jan 1980 – Page 72 – Google Books Result
    Vol. 85, No. 1189 – ?Magazine
    Only last summer an LNG supertanker ran aground off the Straits of Gibraltar. … The following October, an explosion destroyed the substation at an LNG terminal …

    4. Liquefy Natural Gas (LNG) Super-Tanker – ICS Class › News
    Apr 5, 2013 – … first introduced in 1938 to permit mail planes to cross the Atlantic – which uses inert nitrogen, the tankers never fear any gas explosion.
    5. Twitter / a_fathonah: Pencegahan Kebocoran LNG pada …
    Pencegahan Kebocoran LNG pada Kapal Super Tanker #LNG #supertanker #leakageprevention #explosive #nitrogen Reply; Retweet …
    6. Lonely fight against LNG | Environment | Connect Savannah ……/Content?...
    Aug 21, 2009 – According to the EPA, one LNG supertanker, like the ones that ply the … in the wake of the Powell Duffryn chemical tank explosion in 1995.
    7. Liquefied Natural Gas – LIKE AN H-BOMB HAUNTING ……/index.html
    Aug 2, 2007 – One cupful spilled on the metal deck of an LNG supertanker caused a … into the hot grease and being vaporized so rapidly that they explode.
    8. LNG tanker port would impact island lifestyle | www ……/LNG_tanker_port_would_impact_island_li...
    Aug 20, 2009 – … pale in comparison to the danger posed by a LNG supertanker. It has been estimated that should a LNG tanker leak and explode, everyone …
    9. British Columbia First Nations and Enviros Marching ……/12283-british-columbia-first-nations-and-enviros-m…
    Dec 22, 2012 – And, yes an LNG supertanker bleve and vapour cloud explosion (aka fuel air explosion) would closely approximate a nuclear weapon air blast …
    10. How to construct a micro liquefaction cryo compressor for …;wap2
    Aug 1, 2012 – Better, in fact, because the explosion will tend to go upwards, rather than … An LNG supertanker contains up to 266,000 cubic metres of gas …
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