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The Future of Highway 99

April 8, 2016
Rendering of proposed Klahanie Resort at Shannon Falls

Rendering of proposed Klahanie Resort at Shannon Falls

The timing appears to be right for a number of developers to move their projects forward in the Howe Sound – Sea to Sky corridor.  These projects are capitalizing on what has become a very desirable place to visit and to live.  Squamish is growing fast and more people are enjoying the scenic drive.  However, it is time for a comprehensive study of traffic demands and transit solutions before it is too late.  With all of the proposed developments, what will be the cumulative effects of multiple construction projects going forward at the same time?



Here is a partial list of residential/commercial/tourism developments announced in recent months.

Rendering of Squamish Oceanfront Development

Rendering of Squamish Oceanfront Development

The Provincial Government has commissioned a feasibility study for a fixed link between the Sunshine Coast and Metro Vancouver.  The objective is to replace the current BC Ferry system from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale.  A fixed link would see development expand on the Sunshine Coast and with it increased vehicle traffic.  The feasibility study is considering the technical requirements, but the broader impacts of increased traffic resulting from all the new development then merging with increased traffic from the Sunshine Coast on highway 99 needs to be considered.

Garibaldi at Squamish All Season resort - proposal

Garibaldi at Squamish All Season resort – proposal



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  1. Ralph Fulber says:

    Moved to Britannia Beach in 1984 and have watched this corridor grow geometrically. The Taicheng Development are looking at alternative ways to reduce highway traffic which include but are not limited to a small fleet of electric commuter vehicles and charging stations. Also a regional high speed commuter ferry that offers the alternative of electric engines which produces no wake and is estimated to link Britannia Beach and downtown Vancouver in under 45 minutes is a real game changer. We always come back to one single issue, commuter rail service along the corridor. For many years there was a Spanish consortium that attended all of the planning sessions in the area with an eye on looking to put a monorail link along this route to service passengers and light freight. First Nations are exploring the option of re-establishing their old grease path trade links using the rail line through traditional territories. Would be good to see all of the listed developers pitch in to get this off the ground. We have a magnificent opportunity to build a truly sustainable paradise on the Sea to Sky route. For Britannia Beach specifically the solution seems to take one way double lane traffic along the south and the north of the existing community utilizing the MOT right of way already reserved during the Britannia Beach development in 2006.

  2. Tony Puddicombe says:

    time to get away from the personal car. The millions spent on highways should be redirected to rapid transit.

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