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BC_ferry_rainbowFollowing the February public information sessions conducted by Woodfibre Natural Gas Ltd., the company has produced a community consultation report that contains FAQ’s. Plans to process and export LNG are still in the development stage so many important facts are still unknown.

Woodfibre LNG could be the first export facility for shipping facility on the west coast.  There are inherent dangers in liquefying and storing some 100,000 tonnes of liquefied gas, let alone the shipping of it down Howe Sound.  In 2008, the Power River Regional District  brought the following resolution forward to the Union of B.C. Municipalities where it was supported:

WHEREAS the waters of Georgia and Malaspina Straits provide a vital habitat for diverse bird and fish species, a corridor for commercial and recreational marine traffic and an attraction for upland settlement; AND WHEREAS WestPac LNG is soliciting interest to build an LNG import facility and associated 600 MW gas-fired electricity generating plant on Texada Island, which will involve the passage of a significant number of LNG tankers in the Georgia Strait, which will interfere with existing marine traffic, put at risk these ecologically important and sensitive inland waters, and negatively impact upland development along this route: THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the UBCM urge the federal government to ban the passage of LNG tankers in the waters of the Malaspina, Georgia, Juan de Fuca and Haro Straits, and Boundary Pass.

Is Howe Sound any less at risk? We will be listening to the findings of a thorough review process for this project and a convincing evaluation of the following issues:

  • Adherence with most cautious LNG shipping regulations and recommendations specifically advising on narrow waterways such as Howe Sound.
  • Proof that quality and safety of construction and maintenance of LNG transport freighters are to the highest standards.
  • Adequate capacity of local emergency response services to deal with an LNG accident.
  • Assurance the source of power for this liquefaction plant that does not result in degradation of current air quality or compromise greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.
  • Evidence that noise pollution above and below water is not a deterrent for orca whales, white-sided dolphins, grey whales and humpback whales that now frequent this area of Howe Sound.
  • A comprehensive economic analysis that fully illustrates all costs and proceeds to the taxpayers of Howe Sound Region and British Columbians.
  • A comprehensive economic risk analysis that confirms no negative impact to current and future current small business and industry in Howe Sound communities.

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