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Within the month the Queen of Sannich should be patched and on its way to the Mexican shipbreakers who bought her recently.

A great success story for BC and Howe Sound. Thanks to our friends at CTV news, particularly Peter Grainger, Federal investigators have begun taking a closer look at how old ships are disposed of along BC’s shorelines.

In this followup story Peter Grainger explains.  CTV Coverage: Critics question sale of old BC Ferries

Over the last week CTV news have picked up the story we had posted here and pushed it to the forefront of the news.  It has became enough of an embarrassment that various local and regional organizations have stepped up to deal with it.   Peter Grainger of CTV News reports that as of the beginning of the week Pacific Boat Brokers in Parksville has negotiated a deal to sell the remaining ship (now called the Owen Bell) to Echomar shipbreakers in Mexico.  Echomar are professional shipbreakers and will tow the vessel down south to be broken up.

Peter managed to get to government and BC Ferries as well as BMH Salvage to discuss the issue.  He was out to get some answers as to why a public asset the people of British Columbia paid for was not disposed of through a reputable international ship broker in the first place.

While that story continues, Vesta Shipping has been contracted by Echomar to do the cleanup of the old ship and make it seaworthy enough for the tow to Mexico.

Note that BMH Salvage also own the Queen of Vancouver moored at Woodfibre and a contract has been offered to Echomar to dispose of that ship also once BMH are done with it.

We’ll have to watch diligently (and let us know here at to see that everybody follows through on their commitments on this but it would seem that our exposure has at least in part helped to correct the situation before disaster strikes.


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