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Earlier CTV news started a story we were all too familiar with on the Ferry parked or rather abandoned on the west side of Anvil Island.   Today we had a chance to have one of our members go out there with the news crew and show them around.   From their story on the evening news (Courtesy CTV)

The Queen of Saanich arrived at Anvil Island in December, and Scott Henshaw of the Future of Howe Sound Society says he was shocked and saddened the first time he saw it. The ship is held in place by two-inch-thick ropes, which Henshaw believes are corroding in the salt water and aren’t strong enough to hold a vessel of this size.

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Perhaps the one ray of hope is that with 2 days of constant coverage, BC Ferries – who have attempted to dispose of the public asset, the Ministry of the Environment, Coast Guard and the Courts can come together to find a solution to safely remove the vessel to a proper and safe dissasembly location where the remaining ship parts can be salvaged, scrapped and recycled.   Its reasonable to expect the costs associated with cleanup and dismantling now are far less than the costs to clean up after something catastrophic happens.


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