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Map of Salten at Darrell Bay March 20,2016Another recent sinking in Howe Sound is a reminder of the passing off of responsibility that continues by owners of old boats.   Local Howe Sound steward John Buchanan recorded the sunk boat “Salten” in Darrell Bay and captured  underwater footage that shows the garbage left on board and potentially hazardous material.  The ship was recently moved from Mamquam Blind Channel in Squamish to Darrell Bay before it sank.

There is optimism that a recently revived NDP private member’s bill that addresses derelict boats will be supported by the Liberal’s majority government and action will start to happen.   A General Distribution Paper Abandoned and Derelict Vessels was produced in January following a study of the issue.  The private member’s bill was supported by the Liberals when it was first brought forward in the House of Commons in 2015.

The Georgia Strait Alliance has been working on behalf of many on the west coast on this issue for many years.  Together with groups on both coasts, the Future of Howe Sound Society supports the private member’s bill that gives us hope for the future.

Salten, Blind Channel, Nov. 24,2013 (1) - Copy


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