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Its come to the attention of the society that there is a certain ex-ferry roped to the shores of the west side of anvil island.  Either lost in a very large scale game of tag or attempting to drag Anvil island into deeper water. We think they are losing in either case.

Clearly de-commissioned, the ex-BC Ferries vessel Queen of Sannich seems to be tied up alongside the rocks on Anvil.   Upon inspection it seems that its being dismantled and we are really hopeful that excavator inside isn’t dumping anything in the ocean.    Documents obtained by the Society indicate that the vessel has been surveyed and found wanting.

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On a more serious note this is not normal and certainly not what we anticipate to see in Howe Sound.  Documents uncovered by the Future of Howe Sound Society indicate that the vessels have been stripped and several compromises to their structures are evident.

Lets see if we can’t get these boats moved to a more suitable location before they sink in 200′ of water off the back side of Anvil and create another mess to clean up.

More industry in Howe Sound means more of this kind of thing.


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