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CTV News BC reported today on the Ferry and other derelict ship moored off Anvil Island.

A decommissioned BC Ferries vessel moored off a small island in Howe Sound has become party central, and area residents are concerned it’s turning into an eyesore and a danger to public safety.

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Reporter Peter Grainger indicates that unless the vessel begins to leak fluids or poses a navigational hazard that government officials will not intervene.   Perhaps another view of this video taken in December by one of the Members of the Society will show just how dangerously close to sinking outright these derelicts are with holes at or near the waterline.

Check the bow of the smaller ship at about 1:16 into the video


We suspect that after this springs rain these holes are at the waterline already and while we don’t encourage any boaters withing 100 feet of them we do believe they will go from “in danger of leaking fuel” to “sunk” faster than anyone will react.   No comment on the two 2 inch lines holding the whole mess against the shore.

Images and article courtesy CTV News.


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