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The video shows the former decommissioned ferry, Queen of Saanich, along with a second hull anchored out of the public eye behind Anvil Island in Howe Sound. As of May 25’th, 2012 these vessels are still tied to Anvil’s rocky shoreline with chaffed lines and going aground with every changing tide. It is only a matter of time until the hull(s) will potentially sink and/or release an environmental disaster into this sensitive ecological area of Howe Sound. The following is a condensed version of background information gathered from various sources:



The current ownership of this ferry is unknown but a lawyer is the process of preparing a motion for sale of the vessel that will likely be spoken to at the Federal Court at 701 West Georgia on June 4’th, 2012. There are unconfirmed reports that someone, who may well be the past owner, has been stripping the vessel of all of its copper and other valuables. This vessel is currently under arrest which means that nothing should be being removed from it.


Documents Re: Scrapping Ferry, Oct 2011

Documents obtained by the Future of Howe Sound Society indicate that the ferry will be sold sometime in the summer of 2012 but the last paragraph of the report speaks to the current environmental risk, “The Queen of Saanich in its’ present condition is extremely hazardous to the environment”.During a previous court hearing, the owners of the ferry asked the court to allow them to move the ferry (while under arrest) to Anvil Island in order to give them more time to market the vessel themselves. Despite the references in the attached marine survey report to a possible environmental catastrophe, and arguments that Howe Sound was a high use area where one would not want an environmental catastrophe to happen, the court granted the owner’s request.


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