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As we come closer to the year 2020, we reflect back to February 1996 when the first Howe Sound Round Table dialogues were convened.  The Howe Sound 20/20 Issues and Initiatives in Growth and Sustainability for Howe Sound:  A Watershed-Wide Perspective” is the title of the report produced that begins with…

“The Howe Sound 20/20 Report is a call to action. For too long we have simply taken for granted those things that we cherish most about what has often been referred to as a “Jewel” situated on the doorstep of Vancouver.”

” The Howe Sound 20/20 Report is meant to promote the fundamental changes in attitudes, values and actions that are necessary if we wish to have the communities we want to live in by the year 2020″.

The report lists a number of actions that are worth reflecting on.   Were the actions taken up? What has changed?  Are we living in the communities we want?

Since the year 2000 the Howe Sound Community Forums have intended to provide a place for dialogue to discuss issues and share information based on a set of common values as outlined in the Principles for Cooperation document.  These forums are primarily for local governments and First Nations.  We will endeavor to convene Howe Sound Round Tables 2019 to see how we have done since the 1996 report and the 2013 Future of Howe Sound Forum, and report out on a collective vision for the next 25 years ahead. If you are interested in contributing time, energy and/or funding for the Round Table sessions please contact

Future of Howe Sound Forum 2013


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