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A new project and a new threat to the health of Howe Sound has been announced. Metro Vancouver is considering a proposal to build a $500-million garbage incinerator on Squamish First Nation lands at Port Mellon.    John Gleeson of the The Coast Reporter provides some details and it is possible to view all the presentations to Metro at

Metro Vancouver is a signatory to the Howe Sound Principles for Cooperation and the Metro Vancouver board is supportive of comprehensive planning for Howe Sound.   The health effects of large scale incineration, often referred to as Waste to Energy plants, is highly debatable.   City of Vancouver has passed a motion to not allow Waste to Energy within the City limits.

Metro Vancouver is committed to consultation with the communities affected and we expect the carcinogens in the fine particulates that are emitted from burning garbage in combination with the emissions from Howe Sound Pulp and Paper to be closely examined.  The vision of Howe Sound as a world class tourism and recreation destination in conjunction with being a final destination for Metro Vancouver’s garbage is difficult to imagine.


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  1. Gibsongirl says:

    If the City of Vancouver will build a similar facility at 12th and Cambie then we should not disagree. If they are unwilling to process their own garbage then why should we?

  2. No means No! If Nanaimo, Powell River, the entire Fraser Valley and the City of Vancouver all say “NO” to incineration as an acceptable means of dealing with garbage HOWE SOUND NEEDS TO TOO!! Just Say NO!

  3. Buddy Boyd says:

    can you please contact me about the proposed Metro Vancouver garbage for the Howe Sound. Zero Waste Canada is now working closely with the Sunshine Coast Clean Air Society. We need to form a coalition to stop this incinerator from being built. Buddy Boyd

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