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Since the Ocean Watch report on the health of Howe Sound was published in early 2017, the Ocean Watch Task Force has been focused on Local Government action items to help improve the health of the Sound. Well supported by all local governments, the development of a Marine Reference Guide as a planning tool is now underway and progress can be tracked on the Howe Sound Guide website.

At the Howe Sound Community Forum held in April, Co-chair of the task force, Kate-Louise Stamford provided a report and presented the Strategic Action Plan. A summary of the plan found here on the Ocean Watch website. For any questions, please contact manager .

An update and progress report on the health of Howe Sound is in the planning stages by Coastal Ocean Research Institute a division of OceanWise. A Howe Sound Workshop was held June 7th and the update should be published in early 2020. The report will be updated to include marine issues affected by climate change.

For more information on the work of the Ocean Watch Task Force email Trustee Kate-Louise Stamford


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