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  1. Mona Benge says:

    Thank you for posting this. When a new hazardous industry is proposed for a tourist destination like Howe Sound it is important to know who is behind such a proposal and what the cost benefit is to the communities affected. International Standards suggest that placing such a facility in a narrow inland waterway with commercial and recreation traffic plus population centres along the shoreline is wrong.

    I hope everyone concerned will take advantage of the public comment period which ends July 27, 2014. You can get the information and links at

    Once this proposal is approved it will be too late. We all need to inform our representatives at all levels of government that it is wrong for public safety, wrong for the environment and wrong for the regional economy.

  2. Wendy Tanoto says:

    Dear Ms. Simons,

    My name is Wendy Tanoto, the niece of Sukanto Tanoto, who is the owner of Woodfibre LNG and RGE Pte Ltd.

    I learned from news that you’re part of the public hearing of the Woodfibre LNG.

    I have no request but to ask you to read my open letter to Sukanto Tanoto:

    My family has been exhausted in dealing with all of the pressures given by Sukanto after my father passed away. I hope people from Howe Sound do not have to liaise with this kind of people.


    Wendy Tanoto

    • Ruth Simons says:

      Thankyou for your comment, sorry to hear of your troubles.

    • Mona Benge says:

      Family problems are terrible so I offer you my sympathy but also I thank you for informing us who live in this beautiful place that draws tourists from all over the world in the millions. It is important we know who is bringing us this hazardous proposal.

      I hope you have sent your letter to all members of government so they will also be informed.

      Wish you all the best

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