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March 2017 Newsletter

March 19, 2017
  • A View of What Lies Beneath
  • Ocean Watch – Howe Sound Edition is Published.
  • Lions Bay and Metro Vancouver Team up to Host Spring 2017 Forum
  • Woodfibre LNG Project Amendment

Ocean Watch – Howe Sound Edition is Published.

The Future of Howe Sound Society is pleased to have contributed to the Comprehensive Planning chapter of the recently published OceanWatch – Howe Sound Edition report.  Howe Sound Edition was the pilot project by the Vancouver Aquarium’s Coastal Ocean Research Institute.

The launch of the report was celebrated at the Vancouver Aquarium on February 26th.  Attending the event was Federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister LeBlanc, Howe Sound politicians, contributors, media and VIP’s including the Consul General of the People’s Republic of China.  Having so many people gathered together focusing on the health of Howe Sound was truly a wonderful event.

The report provides a comprehensive status of the Sound, bringing together years of research and information from people around Howe Sound …

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A View of What Lies Beneath

A glimpse into the future of the marine life growing in Howe Sound is made easier and more accessible thanks to the success of Aquatica Submarines.

The Artificial Reef Society, the Vancouver Aquarium, Discovery Channel, Marine Life Sanctuaries Society and  have been teaming up to bring life below the surface of Howe Sound to us via video and photos.

In 2015, The Artificial Reef Society finally sunk the destroyer Annapolis in Halkett Bay off Gambier Island.  So far the objectives of revival of marine life seems are happening quickly.  “In only five dives we’ve recorded 29 …

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Woodfibre LNG Project Amendment

March 11th marked the last day for public comment on Woodfibre LNG’s amendment to the environmental assessment.    The company agreed to change the design of the project switching from seawater cooling system to air cooling as the result of the Squamish Nation process.  The seawater system had no social license from the start due to harm to marine life.

One of the reasons the Air Cooling system was not chosen from the start was explained in Woodfibre’s 2015 Assessment of Alternative Cooling Systems document:  “The use of air coolers for the Project would require …

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Lions Bay and Metro Vancouver Team up to Host Spring 2017 Forum

The Spring 2017 meeting of the Howe Sound Community Forum members will take place on May 5th in Broughton Hall, Village of Lions Bay from 10:00-2:30.  Hosts for this meeting are Lions Bay Mayor Karl Buhr and Director Maria Harris, Metro Vancouver Electoral Area A.

The meeting follows the October 14th meeting hosted by …

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