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March 2015 Newsletter

March 14, 2015
  • Suzuki Foundation publishes Howe Sound report
  • Howe Sound Airshed
  • Spring Howe Sound Community Forum
  • The risks of no comment…

Suzuki Foundation publishes Howe Sound report

For the first time it has been estimated that the Howe Sound watersheds provide an estimated annual value of $800 million to $4.7 billion in ecosystem services.  The David Suzuki Foundation’s Environmental Economist Michelle Molnar has spent the last couple of years estimating…..
“the economic value of the ecosystem services provided by the land and marine ecosystems and their uses within the region. Although many ecosystem services do not appear on the market, balance sheets or decision-making frameworks, they are essential for life, societal well-being and our economies. Breathable air, drinkable water, nourishing food, minerals and raw materials are just a few “ecosystem services”. Without understanding this value, critical natural systems could be lost at great cost to communities today and into the future. Understanding these values can set the stage for building an economy that maintains and cares for our world.”
The report Sound Investment-Howe Sound Ecosystem Assets is a comprehensive study of the region and …

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The risks of no comment…

Wading through more than 12,000 pages of information to understand the complexity of mitigating risks and hazards is a lot to ask of the public.    The opportunity to state what concerns you about the Liquified Natural Gas processing and export facility (Woodfibre LNG), and the gas pipeline expansion (Fortis BC – Eagle Mountain Pipeline) project does not require you to have a technical background.  If you care for Howe Sound now is the time to express your concerns, or risk silence as being consent for a project that will affect the future of Howe Sound.

Here is what you can do:

1. …

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Spring Howe Sound Community Forum

Municipal leaders, Squamish Nation members, Provincial and Federal Government representatives and observers from stakeholder groups will come together on Bowen Island May 1st for the next Howe Sound Community Forum.  Mayor Skeels and Council of The Municipality of Bowen Island will be hosts for the event that will be the first forum for the newly elected Municipal representatives focused on the issues of Howe Sound.

The agenda will include:

Progress report from the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Operations on the Cumulative Effects Assessment for the Howe Sound Region.

A presentation from The David Suzuki Foundation’s report on Natural Capital of Howe …

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Howe Sound Airshed

Many people remember the bad odour in Howe Sound when the pulp mills at Port Mellon and Woodfibre were in full production back in the 70’s.  The odour would waft down the sound to Horseshoe Bay and many referred to it as the “smell of money”.   That smell was also an indicator of …

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  1. Alison Morse says:

    Hi Ruth was just browsing the internet looking for information on a couple of meetings I had heard about. Anyhow was on the future of howe sound site and noticed the write up on the May 1 event and saw that we were referred to as municipality of bowen island. We are Bowen Island Municipality.
    Also on your home page where you have the link at the bottom to the site for the organization that offers the tas receipts, the link does not work.

    • Ruth Simons says:

      I have updated the reference to the Municipality and checked the link. There is a problem with the site, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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