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Woodfibre LNGIndonesian billionaire Sukanto Tanoto has bought an industrial site at Squamish in order to export liquefied natural gas. Pacific Oil & Gas, says it would use a deepwater port at the old Woodfibre pulp-mill site to operate what it calls a “small-scale” LNG facility. Natural gas would be liquefied for shipment in tankers to overseas markets.

If Pacific Energy Corp.’s plan comes to fruition, something like 1.5 million tonnes of natural gas will be received, refrigerated for conversion into liquid form and shipped from the proposed Woodfibre LNG facility each year beginning in late 2017 or early 2018.

Bedi, whose company has operations in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mainland China, said the feasibility study that’s underway will help determine whether the Woodfibre project will move ahead.

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  1. Ralph Fulber says:

    Since this proposal conforms with zoning requirements and does not contravene the Official Community Plan there is little that can be done on a regional level to stop this from going ahead. My opposition to natural gas exports is that it will fuel further production and much of that will be by fracking. The hydrology involved in this process is quite troubling: …and the potential damage so devistating that I cannot understand why we would rush into this insanity for short term monetary gain of a few at the expense of the commons. When will we put an end to this insanity. Fossil fues are not something to build our future on and Howe Sound has only barely been returned from the clutches of dirty industry.

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