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At the end of December 2018 the future impacts of the Woodfibre LNG project near Squamish are still a concern to many who live in the region.

The Squamish Chief newspaper provides updates and information such as a fact finding tour of the Fortis BC Compressor station in Coquitlam.  Environmental assessments and arrangements with Squamish Nation are now concluded but there are still many permits, details and costs to be finalized before construction begins.

The company President, Dave Kean says construction will begin in spring 2019 but it is not certain when permitting by BC Oil & Gas Commission will be complete.  On October 29th, we submitted questions to BC Oil and Gas Commission that remain unanswered. A December 20th e-mail from the Commission stated “The Commission is in the process of responding to your questions. I anticipate that we will have a response for you in the New Year, and prior to a decision on the application.”

Oceans Protection Plan South Coast Dialogue session

Representatives from Howe Sound NGO’s have attended three Oceans Protection Plan dialogue sessions hosted by Transport Canada, the most recent in October 2018. While the current Federal Government is committed to the Oceans Protection Plan, important safety issues specific to LNG have yet to be studied under Hazard and Noxious Substances protocols of this planThe company’s commitment to undergo a TERMPOL Review by Transport Canada is also pending final engineering plans.  Concerns stated at the start of the environmental assessment regarding the two decommissioned LNG carriers planned to be used for storage and carriers transiting through Howe Sound are still outstanding.

Until legitimate safety questions from the community are satisfied, we are of the view Howe Sound should not be used as an experiment.



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  1. Lynne Zimmerman says:

    I can’t believe they have not answered all those requests for information. This does not instill trust. Keep the pressure on we need answers.

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