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On Saturday, Al Price and his partner Lily Ebrao were on Howe Sound waters when they saw what seemed like a wind surfer in trouble, about hundred meters or so off the log sorts at Watts Point.   But as they got near, they were treated to a beautiful surprise: Orca whale! “To our amazement, a dorsal fin the size of a surfer emerged gently from the water about 20 meters in front of us,” said Al Price, who operates a boat tour company called Great Lynx Tours in Squamish.

The BC Cetacean Sightings Network (BCCSN) received 17 sightings of killer whales in Howe Sound in 2011, about 14 in 2010, and another 9 in 2009.

Find out more, follow the link…[Killer Whales Spotted in Squamish Howe Sound Waters : The Squamish Reporter]


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