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This past September,  B.C. Provincial Minister Thomson, Forests Lands and Natural Resources, responded to Future of Howe Sound Society’s request for a comprehensive plan for Howe Sound. The province believes existing processes currently in place are sufficient.   We think they are wrong.

On September 18th, nineteen elected representatives from around Howe  Sound met with Minister Thomson and staff to further the request for a comprehensive Marine and Land Use Management Plan  but were met with the same response.  The provincial government is not interested in what they believe would be a lengthy and costly planning process for Howe Sound and there will be no  moratorium on projects at this time.  The Province is however,  interested in our ongoing discussions and will stay involved to provide advise and assistance where it can.

We believe Minister Thomson is missing the point.     There is a need to consider the cumulative impacts of all the proposed projects particularly at this time of cost cutting and staff reductions both with the federal and provincial governments that leaves our environment even more vulnerable.

Our Society will continue to inform and engage the province on what we believe is the urgent need for an overall plan.

If you wish to send a message that you believe planning for Howe Sound is important, you may wish to to support the group Save Howe which has initiated this Avaaz petition.


4 Responses so far.

  1. Howe Sound is sacred as a place that is recovering from a man made poisoning of a eco system, with the return of fellow mammals and sea life. HOWE SOUND AS A NATURE RESERVE proving we can reverse terrible man made disasters as in poisoning the water, logging of old and first growth, mining and not respecting wild life. ONCE IT IS GONE IT WILL BE GONE FOR EVER BECAUSE OF GREED AND GOVERNMENT FRIENDS.

  2. G Stone says:

    I congratulate the Howe Sound Society and its efforts against a PRO-industry anti-enviromental Cabal in Victoria. Never mind the Govt’s propaganda efforts (Orwellian “Carbon Tax”), the PROOF is in the actions of these LIEberals and their anti-enviroment, anti-community ACTIONS over the last 12 years. This also has NOTHING to do with “jobs” and has everything to do with PROFITS, and as usual at the CITIZEN’s expense. Its called Corporate WELFARE. In the end the wanne-be fascists in power will whatever they want. Just ask the people of Squamish/Brackendale concerning IPP’s. We said “NO”, the Govt said screw you. Squamish is not alone in this regard. So with that Good Luck HSS.

  3. Paul Akerhielm, P.Eng says:

    I strongly support pressing for a comprehensive planning & conservation framework for Howe Sound. It is the Jewel in the Crown of the Pacific north-west and the mostly southerly fjord. It is outstandingly beautiful at any time of the year. Hundreds of thousands of people enjoy its beauty every year. The provincial government’s hands off approach is irresponsible, short-sighted and unacceptable. Inappropriate development must be prevented. A vision and a plan are urgently needed.

  4. Sheryl Dawson says:

    Howe Sound is an important part of our Province’s biodiversity. And Eco Tourism. It took more than 3 decades and millions of dollars by many groups as well as volunteers to bring the biodiversity back to Howe Sound due to the destruction of the marine habitat by Britannia Mines and others. There are now kelp beds and reefs forming attracting bat fish and other Marine life, FINALLY. There is no excuse for the Province to say “no” due to cost. Instead they should take a leadership role by giving power to a not-for-profit group to do this work. And the board of this group could be formed quickly and include primary stakeholders such as the Future of Howe Sound, David Suzuki Foundation, Vancouver Aquarium, Native groups, lawyer[s], accountant[s] and planner[s]. An overall plan for Howe Sound to sustain both Marine Life and industry could then happen fairly quickly. This is important. No excuses. Get going.

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