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DSCN3176On April 12th, 2014, close to 100 people representing 70 organizations, governments, First Nations, commercial operators, educators, etc., gathered together at Furry Creek to explore planning approaches for Howe Sound.  The purpose of this Forum, led by Stephen Foster, Howe Sound Campaign Lead for the David Suzuki Foundation, and with support from DFO, was to explore different marine planning options, identify priority actions for the Howe Sound aquatic environment and continue to strengthen relationships between the players.  The Aquatic Forum provided an opportunity to better understand the CEF and how it might fit with the range of marine planning options available to us and currently in practice. It was another well attended event with very engaged participants committed to actions that will eventually lead to a meaningful management plan. DSCN3152

Squamish Nation conducted a witnessing ceremony and ensured that the experience of the day would continue to be told.  A full report will be published soon, with next steps. In the meantime multiple proposed projects in Howe Sound advance through their approval process.   The sense of urgency to ensure these projects are evaluated for their cumulative impacts and not in isolation is, we think, being heard by higher levels of government. But we cannot rest assured.  A louder collective voice must be carried beyond Howe Sound, to the ears and eyes of those decision makers afar. DSCN3178

The Aquatic Forum identified a number of actionable goals that will build on protecting our marine environment. We urge you to become involved. Together we are stronger as we form alliances and inform each other.  For more information contact


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