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Howe Sound Airshed

March 10, 2015

P1070113Many people remember the bad odour in Howe Sound when the pulp mills at Port Mellon and Woodfibre were in full production back in the 70’s.  The odour would waft down the sound to Horseshoe Bay and many referred to it as the “smell of money”.   That smell was also an indicator of the lack of environmental protection.

There has been great improvement since the 70’s with the closure of the Woodfibre Pulp Mill and upgrades at Howe Sound Pulp and Paper.  The BC Ministry of Environment along with stakeholders have developed air quality management plans and there is ongoing monitoring.  The Sea to Sky Air Quality Management Plan was reviewed last year and it addresses all aspects of air quality including visual and greenhouse gas emissions.  Action plans for meeting a number of objectives is being developed this year.

David Suzuki recently completed his Blue Dot Tour, ending on the West Coast in November.  People around Howe Sound are signing the pledge declaring that all people have the right to live in a healthy environment  to breathe clean air, drink and access clean water, eat safe and healthy food, and access nature. Now communities are starting to do the same.  District of Squamish follows Whistler Council in making this declaration and we expect other communities to follow.

Here is what we can do:

1.  Sign and pledge for the right to clean air

2.  Urge your community to pass a declaration recognizing the right to fresh air, clean water and healthy food.

3.  Visit the Sea to Sky Clean Air Society and the Sunshine Coast Clean Air Society for more information on our air shed.

4.  Experiencing bad air quality – odour, visibility or illegal burning?  Call the R.A.P.P. Line

5.  Engage in the public comment period of projects proposed Waste to Energy facility at Port Mellon and Woodfibre LNG to ensure air quality is a high value component.  Proposed projects individually and cumulatively can degrade our air quality in Howe Sound and affect our health.





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  1. Hello Howe Sound AirShed,
    I fully support all we can do to keep this Ocean Enclave in as close to Pristine Living as possible.
    The large Whales, Orca, Salmon and much more Fish have returned and the Ocean Water is so enjoyable to swim once again.
    I am a Fine Artist and previously was Art Director with UNICEF in Africa. These Skills and Experience I can offer to your Organization to create Visual Images, Designs, Photographs and Branding and assist with Videos should you require.
    I made a Lovely Time-Lapse photo set of Immense, Moving, Dynamic, Clouds in Howe Sound, picking up Fresh Moisture from the Ocean Surface. A great example of how Nature Makes Fresh Drinking Water from the Vast Ocean Salt Water. Despite my considerable Global Experience and Travel, this was the first actually experiencing Fresh Water being Created in Nature.
    I look forward to your response,
    Carmen Charles Rudd
    Fine Artist and Humanitarian Relief Worker

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