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TankerExclusionZonesOn June 5th, 2014, the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office announced the 30 day public comment period for the Woodfibre LNG project in Howe Sound commences June 12th and runs to July 11th.  This period has now been extended to July 27th.

If you were away the week of June 15th you missed part two of the Woodfibre Natural Gas Ltd. (the proponent)  Community Consultations, the only Province of BC hosted “open house”, and the opportunity to ask questions in person about this complex project.  These sessions are helpful for people to hear others pose questions and participate in the dialogue.  We believe more open houses should be scheduled in order for there to be robust public consultation and input to the values component.  Communities in Howe Sound along the shipping route and in the airshed are stakeholders in this project.

The proponent will make a decision whether to move forward with this project once this feasibility study is done and then complete on the purchase of the land.  In the meantime, they are noting the concerns through the consultations as reported by the Squamish Chief.    My Sea to Sky organization, other concerned citizens and groups worry about fracking and the greater environmental and economic impacts of LNG.   My Sea to Sky and Future of Howe Sound Society continue to host events and provide information that will engage people in this important issue.  We also try to guide people to the source of information as best we can.  These presentations and events are being recorded and can be viewed here:

June 10th Dr. Eoin Finn – Woodfibre LNG – Why we Need to be Concerned

June 10th Tracey Saxby – Explaining the Environment Assessment Process

June 13th Vancouver Aquarium –Whales in an Ocean of Noise – the Acoustic Impacts

June 26th – Community Panel Forum Discussion

Premier Clark intends for Woodfibre LNG near Squamish to be the first LNG processing and export facility on the coast with a 2017 operational target date.  Many of the questions and concerns of the public remain unanswered.

At this time the province wants input about our important values and what value components related to this project need to be studied.  The BC Environmental Assessment is piloting this new format on a project which is an experiment in many ways.

An element of the Environmental Assessment project is an assessment of how this project contributes to the cumulative effects and impacts on the environment. You can view the long  listing of Accidents and Malfunctions Included under Cumulative Effects and it is worth noting how many proposals lay ahead.  At this point there is much to understand and many facts to consider.  Until such time as concerns about safety, health, the economy and the environment are alleviated, we remain greatly concerned about the future for Howe Sound.

What you can do:  attend upcoming events, sign up for My Sea to Sky Newsletters and share this information with friends and neighbors.





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  1. Marion Maxwell says:

    We do not want an LNG plant on the Howe Sound. This is the most southerly fjord in Canada. It has just recently been cleaned up after the Brittania Mines fiasco. Lets give the area some time to heal before you butcher it yet again!

  2. Stéphane Perron says:

    Nice work gang. We need an organization like FHSS to keep the protest organized and the population informed.

    Lets not forget about the 24in pipeline. The exclusion zone map shows the pipeline in an incorrect location. It actually goes right by Brennan park rec centre and then through middle of estuary. Our group, the Squamish Trails Society, recently had a presentation with regards to the pipeline by a very knowledgeable Squamish local, with reports and maps backing up his concerns. Yet another angle of this project that is most disturbing.

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