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Proposed Woodlots to be clearcutThe Gambier Island Conservancy has begun a letter writing campaign to the Minister of the Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations,  opposing the opening of two new woodlots on Gambier island.  The Woodlots, due to go for tender in October, would see up to one quarter of Gambier Island clear-cut logged.  Map

example letter to Minister of FLNRO opposing woodlots on Gambier Island are being distributed to groups encouraging them to write to the minister.

After meetings with the Government staff, Island’s Trust published these Questions and Answers to help the public understand what is happening.

The logged areas would be clearly visible from the Sea-to-Sky Highway as well as frequently visited tourist locations.

This is one of the few remaining areas of British Columbia without a Land Resource Management Plan, unlike the northern part of Howe Sound where visual quality and impact on Tourism is taking into consideration.



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  1. As a 35+ year property owner DL2704, I am disturbed to hear of this. The ISland Trust Conservancy has been trying for years to get owners to not develop on the island, now this may happen. Our government is disgraceful. Do not sink the Anapolis in Halkett Bay and do not rape our island. That is criminal.

  2. Stewart Watson says:

    Please do what you can to prevent this, there are recreation spots there that have been used for generations of summer camp campers and recreational paddlers and hikers. Those forests, with their ancient corduroy roads and older growth trees are super cool to experience. Sigh. I wish people would stop saying “I was lucky to see this; now cut it down so I can get payed”. Conservation is a good thing, people!

  3. What is wrong with these people who would destroy a pristine area.? Are these logger companies foreign? Is this political? I am disgusted with individuals who are so greedy with our resources. Let us have this area a large endowment for a national park and water way. Howe Sound would support many wildlife and sea life. Future generations would appreciate these endeavours. SAVE HOWE SOUND AGAIN AND AGAIN.

  4. Adolf Manz says:

    It is possible to do selective cutting, instead of clear cutting, to save the appearance, and insure replanting to replace what was cut?

  5. Hilda Mayo says:

    Please do not interfere with Howe Sound it is such a pristine area which is only just returning to its original splendour following the clean-up at Britannia. We now have whales, dolphins and salmon returning which can only be jeopardized with this new facility being contemplated. I cannot believe anyone would want to put a gravel pit with the ensuing noise and pollution in such a beautiful area.

  6. Carolyn Philip says:

    How short-sighted to log in Howe Sound, a pristine area so close to the major urban area of greater Vancouver; this area is a treasure for locals and tourists and needs protection.

  7. Earl Matheson says:

    The economy is stagnant and trees are renewable. Cut away and replant. In a couple of years it’ll be green again and in 20 years no one will know.

  8. Peter Kirkdale says:

    There are very few locations such as this left. Don’t log Gambier any more and stop the lunacy. For heavens sakes save something for future generations !

  9. Carol Moffat says:

    We were just on two hikes this weekend where the view of Howe Sound was the destination. People at St. Mark’s Summit/Black Mtn. were commenting on how pristine and lovely the view was of all the islands below. We could see Bowen, Gambier, Boyer, Anvil and all the way to the Sunshine Coast. It was stunning.

    Hearing about these woodlots is very disturbing. Although they may not be noticeable from the water, they will be a huge scar from the North
    Shore Mtns. Thousands of people hike these mountains every year to enjoy the natural pleasures of nature. The aesthetic impact of logging is only one consideration in my comments. I can’t imagine what the environmental effects would be!

    Please don’t log Gambier Island.

  10. Heather Haley says:

    Conservation! Enough with the clear cutting! Preserve our (Howe Sound) forests.

  11. alex bainbridge says:

    Keep Gambier pristine, no logging

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