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KathyIn response to the public’s call for consultation prior to the next step in the Competitive Woodlot Disposition Process by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, one meeting was held on July 24th followed by an open house on the 25th.

The meeting on Thursday evening, July 24th at the St. Francis in the Woods Church in West Vancouver was very well attended, with people spilling into the hallway.  There were ten Ministry staff in attendance, introduced by Heather MacNight, Regional Executive Director, South Coast, FLNR.   From 7:00 to 10:00 p.m., the dialogue was very animated.  The Ministry’s agenda was to ensure the public were informed about Woodlot Forest Management in BC, the Gambier Island Woodlot proposal and process and Howe Sound and cumulatve effects followed by Q&A and a panel discussion.  This agenda was not completed and many of the public’s questions are still unanswered.

Ministry staff provided a feedback form with the promise that all feedback, comments sent in to-date and all questions will be forwarded to the Statutory Decision Maker, Dave Southam, District Forester Sea to Sky, who will make the final recommendation to proceed or pursue other alternatives.


Feedback was accepted to Tuesday August 5th and as the end of August the staff report that all comments are being processed.

Updates are available by following the Gambier Island Conservancy blog and following on Twitter @GambierConserv.


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  1. Cam Sylvester says:

    Thank you for all the work organizing us around these issues. I found the meeting important because it highlights a couple of key strategical issues. In part there is little “political” pressure to put on Dave Southam. His career depends on his ability to get these (and other) woodlots cut to meet the political directives of the government — at this time the Liberals. As mentioned in the meeting, the Liberals have a goal of increasing annual cuts to add to the public purse to pay for whatever is on their agenda. (Clearly not education…oops, that was my inside voice). So the best we can hope through our continued pressure on Southam (which should happen) is that he informs the minister that there are significant numbers opposed to the cut, and for political purposes the minister may want to recommend a compromise (one lot cut rather than two). Thus the only way to get the cuts rejected is to pressure the minister, and the best way to do that is through the party itself. Most of the people in the room at St. Francis voted for the Liberals in the last elections, and chances are they donated and continue to donate to the party. They need to be organized to get a letter to the party, with a cc to Clark and Thomson that the decision to cut these woodblocks will lead directly to a loss of X amount of funding to the party. I doubt if 200 votes will make much of a difference in winning West Van, but that could also be noted.

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