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140757S.O.S. rally Kayak, sail, paddle, and power your way to Howe Sound

Join us to make some noise to save this beautiful place.

SUNDAY – JULY 27th – 1:00 to 3:00 PM

Thornborough Channel (North End of Gambier Island to McNab Creek Valley)

 Music by “The Brothers” band in Howe Sound.

Up the Noise S.O.S. spot markS.O.S. spot mark

Attending vessels please act responsibly while remaining a safe and reasonable distance from the Breakwaters at Ekins Point. For safety and liability reasons non-member vessels or visitors cannot be accommodated on the breakwaters or docks.


THE BROTHERS are a collective of Sunshine Coast musicians performing a true west coast upbeat style of music mashed up with world sounds. From their roots playing around the fire in the ‘glass teepee’, THE BROTHERS have evolved into a dynamic band that uplifts and wows crowds at festivals, clubs and private functions. Bringing together coastal grooves and a range of global influences, THE BROTHERS dole out a high energy mix of roots, reggae balkan, hip hop and funk with a steady Latin rhythmic backdrop. Accompany all this with a dynamic and engaging on stage performance, the infectious energy these gentleman create is out to get everyone up and dancing.

The Band of Brothers


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  1. Susie Cowley says:

    We`ll be there!!! Anything to help save the sound. I commend your efforts and would love to donate a banner to the Howe Sound Society to help promote this event on location which they can later use at other locations. Please contact me if interested. Susie 604 454-7155

  2. Buddy Boyd says:

    Please, please, please, please, please put onto your radar screen and postings about the potential threat to our communities and to the Howe Sound with Metro Vancouver’s garbage incinerator coming here!?

    We at Zero Waste Canada have been extremely support of the “Future Of Howe Sound Society” and have been sharing your postings far and wide. We need to find a way to mutually support efforts that are threats to the Howe Sound, not just one singular threat. Through collaboration, we stand a much better chance of succeeding. Please support our efforts to take on these garbage incinerator giants. Please send me an e-mail for “in kind” sponsorship/cross promotion” which will be at no cost to you that will help us both spread the word far and wide and hopefully you can share our efforts/material to stop the incinerators at Duke Point and the Howe Sound? Buddy

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