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Over the last two weeks you took time to tell the Canadian government what you thought of a proposed industrial mining site within Howe Sound. Thank you for standing up and letting your voice be heard.

We started with a plea to roughly 150 people on our distribution list and managed an overwhelming 610 messages being sent to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) objecting to the BURNCO Mining project in Howe Sound.

Until February 3rd, 2012, the CEAA accepted comments from the public. That initial window has closed and they are now very aware that its more than just a handful of people who are interested in Howe Sound. Please keep spreading the word. In the meantime, the Future of Howe Sound Society will continue working with local companies, government agencies and elected officials to make sure a suitable land use plan is in place for Howe Sound and the surrounding watershed.

We’ll continue to bring you updates and make it easy to voice your opinions if you’ll continue to take an active role in determining how the beautiful areas in and around our home are managed. Our commitment will be to share any news we hear and encourage people to venture over to our Facebook page and leave their comments there.

Thank you again for your efforts,



The Future of Howe Sound Society


P.S.  If you are not on Facebook or don’t care to be don’t worry, we display the Facebook feed on our site here so you can see what people are saying.



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