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Deck CameraAs many as 22 movies were shot last year in Squamish, resulting in over $1.5 million in direct economic benefit to the community, the district of Squamish says.  This is an increase over 2011.  According to district spokesperson Christianna Moore,  hotel accommodation, transportation, restaurants and groceries, location fees, construction, cost recovery for district services, local equipment rentals or prop purchases, and extras hired all contributed.

According to Unit and Location Manager Thierry Tanguy, the recent project “Horns” was shifted from being filmed in the U.S. to the Howe Sound and Squamish area due to the beauty of the corridor. Thierry said that a number of projects have been filmed in the Howe Sound area as opposed to other locations due to the pristine beauty of the coastline.  This low impact, clean and sustainable business brings millions of dollars into the region.


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