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Howe Sound continues to draw attention from news media around the world.  Squamish was named by The New York Times in their “52 Places to Go in 2015“; the L.A. imagesTimes article “A spectacular British Columbia road trip along the Sea to Sky Highway” describe in detail the stops along the way including the Sea to Sky Gondola;  the controversial sinking of The Annapolis off Gambier Island makes International Business Times News; and Howe Sound’s rare glass sponge reefs are being recorded by the National Geographic News.   These articles are reminders that spectacular Howe Sound, so close to Vancouver is as appreciated internationally as it is locally.  When supporters are speaking up to protect Howe Sound we are accused of NIMBYism.  But if those who live here will not speak up for our back yard, who will?  Together with our Coalition partners, we will continue to work to ensure we have an overall plan for Howe Sound, to ensure the common values and recovering environment are protected.

Mark your calendars to Up the Noise louder for Howe Sound over the weekend of July 11th and 12th.

This will be our third event where boaters have converged in Howe Sound to celebrate the recovery and the spectacular beauty of the area.  Stay tuned for events on that weekend for land and water events.

PicMonkey CollageWe will continue to play host to forums during the year, bringing people together to focus on planning for Howe Sound.  Last year we contributed to many gatherings of elected officials, First Nations, and other stakeholders to advance the discussions about Howe Sound.  Many communities around Howe Sound are revisiting their official community plans and there is a higher level of awareness for considering Howe Sound as a whole and the impact plans have on those beyond the borders of their community.  When bylaws and development guidelines are aligned with the overall vision for Howe Sound, more pieces of the overall planning puzzle come together.




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