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A disturbing report from our coalition partner, The Gambier Island Conservancy indicate that yet another assault on the lands and area of Howe Sound is potentially under way. This area is re-emerging as key part of the Vancouver Tourist Destination and highly visible part of Super Natural BC, and it may be lost.

The north side of Gambier may be offered to tender for logging companies to clear-cut. This would be a devastating blow to the development of tourism, recreational use and the film and TV industry in Howe Sound.

Conservation ?

or Clearcut ?

Torsten's-picture-for-web image001

Which is the future of Gambier Island?

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MOF) is about to solicit proposals for clearcut logging in two new NE Gambier Island woodlots (3275 acres total), with one woodlot (988 acres) already operating on-island.

Unfortunately, Gambier has more unprotected wilderness Crown land available for forestry than any other south-coast island within the Islands Trust area of BC.

Proposed Woodlots to be clearcut

Howe Sound

The aqua and pale green areas on the map above will be advertised by MOF for new woodlot operators sometime this summer. Note that the northern woodlot includes Gambier Lake, a wilderness gem. (Dark green areas are protected Old Growth Management Areas–excluded from harvesting areas.)

Why save Gambier’s forests?

  • Supporters of Protect Howe Sound ( show Gambier Crown land as central to their protected-areas strategy.
  • Gambier provides easily accessible wilderness recreation for Metro Vancouver. Its Crown-land network of hiking trails is precious.

No more woodlots on Gambier, please!

What can you do about it, write your objections to…

If you believe that woodlots are the wrong choice for NE Gambier’s Crown land, write to
Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations:


Steve Thomson
Minister of Forests, Lands and
Natural Resource Operations
PO Box 9049
Stn Prov. Govt.
Victoria, BC V8W9E2


Brian Kukulies
Land and Resource Planning Officer
Minister of Forests, Lands and
Natural Resource Operations

Resource Operations – Sunshine Coast
7077 Duncan Street
Powell River, BC V8A1W1

This message is brought to you by friends and neighbours who love Gambier’s wilderness, including…

Gambier Island Conservancy

Morgan Campbell and Kathy McTaggart
Torsten and Paivi Kehler
Mike Stamford
Maria Van Dyk
Steve Richardson
Leiani and Brian Anthony
Sharon and David Moxon


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11 Responses so far.

  1. Ian Dennis says:

    Stop the isanity. This is just another money grab while supplying few real jobs. The lumber is probably going to get shipped off shore anyway or turned into toilet paper. I will sign a petition as well.

  2. Annika Einarsson says:

    Please, save Gambier’s forests.

  3. Silvaine Zimmermann says:

    I cannot believe this. It is beyond comprehension. This is 2013. Gambier is a jewel in Howe Sound. Clearcuts are not.
    STOP this insanity. Keep Gambier green.

  4. Mike Collier says:

    I sent messages of complaint to the Minister and Brian K. regarding the logging on Gambier Island. The email for Brian was returned as not deliverable – unknown person. Thought you should know his email may be shut off. Mike Collier

  5. Dominique says:

    Dear Sir,
    Woodlots are the wrong choice for NE gambier’s Crown land. I have planned to visit Gambier for many years and if this woodlot goes ahead I will not have much reason to. This clearcutting will also affect Howe Sound. Wilderness areas are needed close to big cities to help maintain wildlife corridors and already fragile ecosystems. Make wise choices for our land use.
    I look forward to hearing your response to my email
    Thank you for your time.
    Sincerely, Dominique McGrady
    Comox, BC

  6. Jason Ward says:

    I remember how irritated and annoyed I was by this crap as a kid in the 1980’s, when they went in and clear cut on Mount Elphinstone, and up into Mount Crucil and the area that is now Tetrahedron Provincial Park. (Big of them to declare it a Provincial Park AFTER they clear cut half of it eh?). I figured for sure people would have their heads screwed on straight by the 1990’s, but here we are in the 2010’s and the BC Government is still loaded with a bunch of tools, and I’m not talking about the equipment. Good luck Sunshine Coast, Howe Sound, and Gambrier, I am rooting for you my childhood friends.

  7. Philip Piggford says:

    Firmly opposed to clear cut logging anywhere.
    I propose cutting the Ministry of Forests.

  8. Ben Portz says:

    I totally object this proposed cut.

  9. James Spouler says:

    you guys need to start an avaaz type petition about this, Gambier needs to remain as it is, gambier should not be for sale to feed the resource hungry machine of natural destruction.

    we cant let the wilderness of gambier island be destroyed.

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