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P1080698After hosting a number of opportunities for the public to become informed about the Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Experiment in Howe Sound at Woodfibre, we now urge people to submit their comments on line to the BC Environmental Assessment Office.  We heard from Scott Bailey, Executive Project Director and Alanya Smith, Project Manager, who flew in on behalf of the BCEAO to attend the information meeting our Society hosted at the West Vancouver Public Library on July 8th, public are invited to “fill their boots” with comments.

You can go directly to the public comment form here, but we recommend reading the documents first in order to focus comments on the Value Components that you feel are important to be studied.

The public comments will close July 27th.

The next round of public comments will be on the completion of all the studies.

Those that have been making their comments known publicly have been making it into the media.   This article by Mychaylo Prystupa recently published in the Vancouver Observer.  For more reports visit



5 Responses so far.

  1. Tiff Robinson says:

    My name is Tiffany Robinson; I am a property owner on Gambier Island. I am strongly opposed to the proposed Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Experiment in Howe Sound at Woodfibre for the following reasons:

    Howe Sound is a recovering ecosystem. The environmental degradation that would result from LNG Experiment in Howe Sound would, at minimum harm or disrupt, and more likely decimate and cause extreme degradation to our:

    -Social and cultural milieu
    -Recreational milieu
    -Developing eco-tourism
    -Property values
    -Potential economic growth of the Sea-to-Sky Region and whole of Howe Sound.

    Howe Sound is recovering from previous industry. Marine-life and delicate ecosystems need further and sufficient recovery before supporting new industry. Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Experiment is proven to have incredible potential dangers.

    Howe Sound is not an appropriate site for this project due to its narrow channels and proximity to fishing and recreational boating, sailing, wind-surfing, etc. Located just 7 km west-southwest of the urban centre of Squamish, the proximity of proposed Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Experiment is dangerously close to residents and active tourists in the Sea-to-Sky region and whole of Howe Sound. The proximity of this project to active roadways, residences, recreational waterways make it dangerously unsafe. The LNG Experiment would completely jeopardize the Howe Sound residential lifestyle and developing eco-tourism. Without a doubt property values would decrease the project would adversely impact environmental, cultural and recreational life in Howe Sound.

    Howe Sound is a renowned destination for local and international tourism. The potential for contaminants, experimental failure and project breakdown all stand to massively, adversely impact the health and healing of Howe Sound, and its developing eco-tourism.

    I urge the Environmental Assessment Office to take note and thoroughly research every aspect this project would have on our:

    -Tide and wind variations
    – Wildlife
    -Tourism operations
    -Local environment
    -Quality of life for Howe Sound residents
    -Development of tourism / eco-toursim

    I also urge you to take into consideration the potentially very serious and real risks associated with this project:

    -Pipeline ruptures
    -LNG spills
    -Gas fires/explosions
    -Ship collisions
    -Greenhouse gas emissions
    -Light pollution
    -Noise effects on marine life.
    -Exclusion zones, which would affect boaters and ferries.
    -Damage which will be caused to the environment in north-east b.c due to fracking, depleting water resources and air pollution, and filling wells with poisoned water.

    Please Please Please — do not permit the proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Experiment in Howe Sound at Woodfibre to move forward. The environmental, social and cultural degradation of this project would far exceed any financial gains it stands to produce. It is not worth it. The breadth of damage would be too great.

    I trust your environmental assessment will arrive at the same conclusion. The proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Experiment in Howe Sound at Woodfibre is an ill-conceived and completely unsafe method — absolutely not appropriate for the Howe Sound region.

  2. Eugenie Goetting says:

    I agree with the concerns raised. This proposal must not be allowed.

  3. Elsie Foreman says:

    The LNG Project in Howe sound is outrageous and unsustainable. For immediate political gain future generations will be deprived of this successfully recovering eco system. What is being proposed is a
    Criminal Act.

  4. Lynne Zimmerman says:

    As a resident of McNabb Creek in the Howe Sound for 20 years. We have seen a huge improvement in the environment it is definitely recovering. We are againstb the LNG project at the woodfiber location. Over 12 years ago we fought another LNG project that was slated to be constructed 7 km up the McNabb River Valley. It was to be the size of the Tacoma Dome. Most people don’t realize how dangerous these facilities are close to large populations. Liquid natural gas is cooled to make it a liquid form if there is a breach and the liquid reaches air temperature it turns to a highly explosive gas. We are in a earthquake zone so a breach is a very real possibility. This is a very dangerous proposal for the environment the animals and the people who live in this area.
    Do not trade our tourism industry and the environmental recovery of the Howe Sound for this project. Our recreational and tourism industry generate millions a year. And will not survive with the destruction and the industrialization of the sound.

  5. Greg McMillan says:

    I have lived and played on Howe Sound for the last fifteen years. Our waterside development at Furry Creek enables us to enjoy and directly watch how tough a task it’s been for mother nature to fight back from years of industrial abuse in and on the sound. In the early 2000’s we were many times worried about our personal health due to the industrial pollution in the sound. All winter we suffered from Woodfibre fumes that daily landed on our development with every outflow wind. Britannia mine copper tailings pretty much helped to insure we saw very little marine life. When a freighter hit the loading terminal in Squamish, within half a day, there was oil slicks south of Furry Creek. It took months to clean-up.
    Since then, we got lucky and Woodfibre closed its doors; the government invested in cleaning up Britannia mine and the sound miraculously came back to life. We daily see herring balls, dolphins, porpoises, strong salmon runs, the odd whale and orcas.
    It’s minding boggling that after all this recovery, we still have not learned a thing as industry once again is focused on coming back to the sound.
    This whole fjord needs protection to ensure the only safe industry that grows here is eco-tourism, not destructive industry’s that once again will be detrimental to the health and welfare of everyone who lives and appreciates the beauty of this magnificent place.

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