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LNG Tanker FireProcessing and shipping liquefied natural gas poses many threats to human life and the environment.  Threats so great that many leaders have banned storage facilities and shipping from their coasts.

Eoin Finn, retired KMPG partner, PHd in Physical Chemistry and MBA International Business has dedicated his time as a volunteer researching and now commenting on the proposed Woodfibre LNG project.  At this time much larger projects are taking the time and attention of NGO’s and local governments in B.C.   Those concerned for the safety and recovery of Howe Sound have to work hard to raise people’s awareness about this project the BC Government is hoping will be a first for fulfilling it LNG export objectives. Eoin has presented to most local governments in Howe Sound and along the south coast in order to raise awareness of dangers and risks of this project, particularly in the enclosed fjord of Howe Sound.  This YouTube video captures Eoin’s recent presentation at the SquamishAdventure Centre.  It is important to be aware of the threats.

LNG experts have analyzed the Woodfibre,  LNG (FLNG) proposal and have deemed it hazardous.  Here are a few of the many reasons to be concerned about LNG supertankers in Howe Sound.:

– Supertankers – up to 1100’ long, 177’wide & 114’high with a 36’ draft – dealing with all the cross traffic in Howe Sound/Georgia Strait, from BC Ferries, commercial barges, freighters, and recreational boats of various sizes, especially in Summer.  Several passages narrow to less than 2 kilometers wide.

– While spill, fire and explosion incidents are rare in this industry, rare things do happen and we do not want this experiment to bring a rare catastrophe to any Howe Sound or Georgia Strait community – none of whom are equipped to deal with fighting an LNG vapour-plume fire.

– A catastrophic Vapour-plume fire occurs when leaked methane comes into contact with any ignition source and LNG storage facilities are typically many kilometres away from, far more than the 5.5 kilometer distance from Woodfibre plant, Britannia Beach and the Sea to Sky highway.

If you have questions on Eoin’s research please contact  These reports have details of sizes and frailties of LNG tanker design as well as tanker safety.   2004-12_SANDIA-DOE_RISK_ANALYSIS   LNG Safety 2003-07-17_700-03-005    LNGRisk Analysis1976   understand_lng_fire_hazards

Future of Howe Sound Society has commented on the BC Environmental Assessment Office process through the on-line comment form which is open for input from the public until July 11th, 2014.

To help the public understand the Environment Assessment process, Tracey Saxby of My Sea to Sky, has produced:Steps in EA process.  For more information about the project, community consultations are current underway.


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  1. mike forry says:

    so glad we are finally getting good paying jobs and more tax revenue that the woodfibre terminal will provide
    the silent majority will support this project the enviro nuts can still hug trees and hike in the mountains and watch the giant ships depart
    hope they are more than four a month we need to sell gas asap

    • Jonathan says:

      Haha ^^^ Envrio Nuts? Really what dont these white people do not understand that this is our land and our water you just live on it. We protect everything that the white man is destined to destroy. Time for aboriginals leaders to step up there game we need to tax the white man everything they own the food they eat the land they walk on the water they drink. BC is the only province that is beautiful cause us aboriginals protected our land for thousands of years an we will not let the government destroy our way of life.

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