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Torsten's-picture-for-webTorsten's-picture-for-webTorsten's-picture-for-webimage001The tenure bids for logging of two Woodlots on Gambier Island closed on April 9th.  The Woodlots, together with the previously awarded tenure, means one quarter of Gambier Island would be slated for logging activity.  Logging had long been a primary industry in Howe Sound but has moved down on the list of economic activity over the past 50 years. Recreational property development on Gambier plus increased recreational, residential and tourism development in Howe Sound puts logging large areas in conflict with other uses of the surrounding areas.  Howe Sound’s sensitive ecosystems and that relationship to our other economies needs to be better appreciated.   A recent example of unintended consequences in the Sound happened when blasting for logging roads resulted in damage from falling rocks to spawning herring that have a direct benefit to wild salmon and other marine wildlife.

The request by the community and Islands Trust for proper consultation with senior management of the Ministry of Forests prior to advertising the Woodlots was dismissed. Two online petitions and a letter-writing campaign to the minister did not prevent the advertisement of the Woodlots However,  there is no question the community will continue to oppose any new logging of crown land on Gambier Island and push for assurances that current knowledge and important values for Howe Sound are addressed.

Islands Trust is now waiting on a response to its recent letter Public Process for Community Woodlots on Gambier

Coast Reporter’s article April 18th


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