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Construction of the Box Canyon Hydro Project, a run of the river hydro project in the McNab Valley is scheduled to get underway spring 2014 and continue for the next 16 months.  The project has received the required approvals and this is the final step before construction of the plant can begin.

The application for the permit to construct is before the Sunshine Coast Regional District and information about this application and the implications this will have on the area is outlined in the planner’s report:  2013-Dec-19 PDC report TUP F-01 with attach (2).  A public meeting was held in Gibsons on Tuesday January 21st, 2014.  The Future of Howe Sound Society submitted comments following the meeting Box Canyon TUP Application Comments.

Comments or questions from the public regarding the application can be emailed directly to with copy to lee.turnbull@scrd.caAd


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  1. Marion Maxwell says:

    just a couple of weeks ago the herring were heading up Howe Sound, followed by about 200 dolphins as evidenced on Global TV. The dolphins were followed by a pod of Orcas. Any construction in the area around McNab Valley may inhibit the sea mammals from coming to this area. Devestation has been cleared up from Britannia mine, let’s not destroy the Sound AGAIN e

  2. Heather Haley says:

    We are only beginning to see the return of marine life to Howe Sound, a sign of pollution finally abating. No more heavy industry in the Sound!

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