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One of five Orcas looking for the Pink Salmon at the site of the proposed gravel mine July 8, 2017

Speak Out for the Recovery of Howe Sound

MLA Sturdy, MLA Simons, MP Goldsmith-Jones

Howe Sound is one of the most beautiful fjords in the world and a BC landmark on the Sea to Sky corridor. Howe Sound is the home to a great variety of mammals, fish, frogs, rare birds and invertebrates. It supports jobs in the local economy, especially tourism which has a significant ripple effect through the region’s economy, and brings pleasure to thousands of locals and tourists every year.

We all cherish and celebrate the recovery of Howe Sound after decades of toxic pollution from heavy industry. BC taxpayers paid millions to clean up the Britannia mine in Howe Sound and now finally those actions, along with other conservation efforts, are paying off with the return of fish stocks, dolphins, orcas, whales and a proliferation of bald eagles and other wildlife.

Please bring to an end the proposed unsustainable Burnco Aggregate Mine at McNab Creek before irreversible harm is caused. Countless dollars have been spent by both BC and Federal regulators evaluating whether the environmental destruction of a portion of this sensitive ecosystem can be “mitigated”. We support the creation of a long term comprehensive land and water use plan for economic and social activities in the region that are compatible with sustainable uses of the Howe Sound.

We ask you, as our elected officials, to stop this ill-advised project that will destroy a portion of this amazing natural resource, all for the sake of the short term profits of an aggregate company.

Thank you.


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