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Rally to Save Howe Sound

June 16, 2013

Sunday, June 30th between 12 noon and 2:00 p.m. boaters of all shapes and sizes are expected to rendezvous on the water south of the McNab Creek Valley in support of maintaining this recovery.

S.O.S. Rendezvous Location

The purpose of this event is to draw attention to the threat of long term heavy duty non-sustainable industry returning to this area and the requirement for a comprehensive management plan to ensure the continuing natural beauty of Howe Sound for the enjoyment of future generations.


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  1. Even though I don’t own a boat I enjoy boating tremendously with friends and love to see the wildlife in and around the ocean.
    Non-sustainable industry does little to maintain healthy oceans and we need to find other alternatives to make income and still be able to enjoy the pleasures ocean life gives us.
    I protest heavy duty non-sustainable industry returning to the Howe Sound.

  2. Eileen Mackenzie says:

    We have cottage on Bowyer Island anad spend the summer there. I have been swimming amongst the seals for fifty years anad strongly object to any building, clear cutting etc that interferes with our wild life and our health

  3. Ingvar Jacobsson says:

    First time I visited this area was 1959. Since that i Have been there for about 15 times. In two days I am going there again. Why? It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Do Canada need so much wood? Paper – no. As a Swede I know.
    Save the nature.

  4. Liz Barrett says:

    Glad to see this initiative! Clear cutting should be banned – ecosystems destroyed that can never be replaced!

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